[vortex-bug] Minor bug in 3c59x driver in 2.4.0-test8 ???

Lance Stringham stringhaml@home.com
Sun, 10 Sep 2000 22:25:36 -0700

Hi, when I upgraded from my 2.2.x kernel to the 2.4 test series I began
experiencing some problems with my 3C900B and 3C905B NIC cards using the
3c59x driver (I was using the drivers from 3Com in 2.2) and was able to
determine what it was. For some reason, the driver refused to allow me
to set the cards to half duplex mode so that I could efficiently access
my hubbed networks. Anyways, I beleive that the problem comes from this
section of code around line 1217,

/* Set the full-duplex bit. */
outw(	((vp->info1 & 0x8000) || vp->full_duplex ? 0x20 : 0) |
	 	(dev->mtu > 1500 ? 0x40 : 0) |
		((vp->full_duplex && vp->flow_ctrl && vp->partner_flow_ctrl) ? 0x100 :
		ioaddr + Wn3_MAC_Ctrl);

Shouldn't it be an && instead of an || ? I tried changing it to && and
now I don't seem to have any problems changing the duplex mode to
whatever I need.

Lance Stringham

PS. please send any responses directly to me since I am not list.