[vortex-bug] transfer errors with 3C905C-TX-M

Sergei Klioner klioner@Rcs1.urz.tu-dresden.de
Mon, 04 Sep 2000 09:59:37 +0200

Hi, there!

I use 3C905C-TX-M with bootrom both
under Windows 98 and Linux RedHad 6.2. I have no problems under Windows.
Under Linux I have a very strange problem which I cannot resolve: if I
tranfer very long files via ftp, the resulting file is corrupted. The
errorneous bytes seem to be randomly distributed over the file, but the
corruption is always the same: 4 or 40 (octal) is added to the correct
value of the byte. No error messages! The probability of error is
between 10^(-7) and 10^(-8). The distribution of errorneous bytes and
their number is random and differs from transfer to transfer also for
the same file. This happens with all drivers available to me: 3Com's
3c90x versions 1.0.0.c (standard for RH6.2) and 1.0.0.i (the latest
version from the 3Com's web site), and 3c59x driver V.0.99H. Any ideas?