[vortex-bug] RedHat 6.2 and two 3c905B cards

Thomas Mandl Thomas.Mandl@neuroth.co.at
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 10:57:32 +0200

Hi list(s),

i'm configuring a Linux RedHat 6.2 box as a router between two ethernets
using two 3x905B cards and i encountered the following serious problem:

IP connection works fine, if i have only one 3c905B card in my linux
box. When i add a second one both interfaces can *NOT* connect to either
side (no ping trough eth0 nor eth1 is possible). First i thought i've
misconfigured my routing tables/ifconfig params, but this was not true.
Routing tables/ifconfig are setup properly. When looking at the 'dmesg
output' both 3c905B cards appear (one at IRQ 10 and one at IRQ15). I do
not believe it's a hardware/IRQ conflict, but rather some problem with
the network drivers for these cards.
I use a stock 2.2.14-5.0 kernel and eth0|1 kernel module is 3c59x
version v0.99H (11/17/98) from Donald Becker.

Has anybody experienced similar problems using two 3com ethernet cards?
Where to start? Is it worth compiling 3Com's original drivers from
and installing these drivers or will it work with redhat's native
drivers from Donald Backer?

Any help is highly appreciated!
Many thanks 
Thomas Mandl            

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