how to force half duplex mode?

Simon Hogg
Thu Jan 27 04:55:55 2000

At 18:25 26/01/00 -0500, James Ralston wrote:
>I am trying to figure out how to tell the 3c59x driver to force the
>Boomerang card to half duplex operation.  If it auto-negotiates, it
>will (correctly) negotiate to full duplex, but for testing purposes, I
>want half duplex operation only.  I know that this is possible in
>terms of the hardware of the card, because 3Com's Windows NIC
>Diagnostic Utility could do it (back when 3Com was still shipping it
>with their drivers).

I know it's not very linux-y, but for this sort of thing, I do tend to fall 
back to 3Com's dos or windows diagnostic disks.  You should be able to 
create a dos bootable disk and put the 3Com daignostic/setup disk on it 
(from  Boot from this disk and set the card.

Of course, as I said, not very linux-y, but it works!

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