eth0: Host Error, FIFO diagnostic register 8000

Andreas Unterluggauer
Mon Oct 25 08:13:16 1999

I had the same problems with the 3c900B card. a lot of these Errors and
the kernel (2.2.12-20) crashed, (and some files on an read-only mounted
(maybe because it was an raid1 device?) on the IDE-Disk were deleted).

after changing everything my result is, that my 3c900B card has problems
the PCI-bus of my ASUS-486SP3 VPI Motherboard. 

Donald Becker wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Jim Dethlefsen wrote:
> > The machine is an HP Vectra workstation with the 2.2.6 (Slackware 4.0)
> > kernel. The card is a 3C905B (4/11/99 manufac. date)
> >
> > It seems that every other reboot (I may be wrong here) the machine loads
> > the OS up to about multiuser time and then the console gets swamped with
> > the noted message... Every so often it throws out a "Too many tries,
> This message covers many error types, most unusual and card type specific.
> In the case of the 3c905B the description is
> ____
> hostError [1]: This bit is set when a catastrophic error related to the bus
> interface occurs. The errors which set hostError are: PCI target abort and
> PCI master abort. hostError is cleared by issuing GlobalReset with the
> upDownReset mask bit cleared.
> ____
> Rereading the v0.99L driver code, I think that it's nominally doing the
> correct reset to recover from a PCI bus error.  But since I don't have a
> system that generates PCI errors I can't test the recovery code
I used the v0.99H driver code from the 2.2.12-20 kernel (redhat 6.1).
the reset
didn't work correctly for me, but maybe because of the PCI-bus problems
not only
the 3c900 driver was included? I had no other PCI card, only the
IDE-interface onboard.
(befor these crashes I used an NCR-SCSI-controller for some years
without problems with
the PCI-bus interface of this motherboard).