3C905b runs only with 10 MBit - no modules used

Jeffriy Mc Clymont jmc@jmc.net
Mon Oct 4 04:07:00 1999

hi all,

i plugged an 3com 905b in my linux-box. the problem is, that the nic only
work with 10 mbit.
i found a part in the vortex doc that i must set options=12 for 100 mbit
full duplex.

BUT: i doesn't use modules. it is an very importent router and i want use
modules. btw i have never worked with modules.

at the beginning of boot the switch shows me 100 Mbit, full-duplex. But
after ifconfig ... the link goes down to 10 mbit?????


- how can i say the kernel at the compiling to work with option=12?
- do you now a way over the lilo append?

i looked in the 3c5x9.c, but i'm not a programmer.

can anybody help me?

thanx a lot

J. Mc Clymont