installing 3com 905b-tx.m

Donald Becker
Wed Jun 23 14:58:44 1999

On Wed, 23 Jun 1999, P. Thomas Schoenemann wrote:

> I want to install two 3com 905b-tx-m cards on a celeron (which I hope to
> use  as a firewall of sorts).  The celeron comes with windows 98 installed,
> but I of course will not be using it.  The 3com user guide for the cards
> states the following:
> "Before you physically install the NIC in a PC, you must run the following
> preinstallation program to prevent conflicts with the NIC."

This might be to check for specific BIOS problems when running the DHCP/bootp
client on the TX-M card.

If you BIOS doesn't have a bug with PCI boot ROMs, there shouldn't be a

> If I need to run this "preinstallation program" through windows then I
> will, but I suspect this isn't necessary??

Probably not.
I would try the card in the system.  If you can boot, everything should be

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