3C905, 3C980 switched from 100MB to 10MB after rebooting

Romanenko Mikhail mikhail@angg.nptus.ru
Wed Dec 15 23:42:17 1999

I run three Linux boxes on 100 MB local net. Everything works fine untill I reboot any of the boxes. After rebooting NIC switches from 100 MB to 10 MB. Sometimes link is breaked (NIC is hanged?) The only remedy is to turn the box off and on again. Sometimes I even have to turn off and on a hub. 
I tryed to force 100 MB (option=4), but it didn't help.

Hardware and software used:
- HP NetServer LH 3 with two 3C980 as a server
- SuperMicro P6SBA motherboard and 3C905B for a firewall
- SuperMicro P6SBU motherboard and 3C905B for a workstation
- SuperStack II DualSpeed Hub 500 12-Port TP (3C16610)
- UTP Level 5.
- Debian Linux 2.1.9 (upgraded), kernel version 2.2.13, 3c59x.c driver (ver=0.99H) compiled in kernel for a server, and as a module for firewall and a workstation.

Can anybody help me or point to sources of information.
Perhaps I can somewhat reset a NIC after (or before) rebooting, though I understand it isnt a good idea.

Thank you, Mikhail.