update on Network/Sound conflict

G.J. dragyn@smaug.bitstreet.net
Fri Apr 16 01:38:23 1999

if this data would still be useful for anyone debugging or looking into
this situation i'd be happy to put the card back in the pci slot that
caused it to conflict with the sound card.

i solved my problem by switching to a different pci slot, so i was able to
bypass the problem.... however -- i'm sure that i will not be the last to
run into this situation. =]

so, i'd be more than happy to shutdown, switch slots and run ifup eth0 so
those who understand it's output can learn and improve for new people.


On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:

> Please include the output of the command 'ifup eth0' because bootlogs do
> not always report ethernet initialization errors (the same kind of thing
> has happened to me).
> Jonathan Bartlett
> johnnyb@shawneeok.com

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