Frank Scholten Linde frank@tgi.nl
Thu Dec 3 06:42:22 1998

>> I have a 3c905 card in my machine, I need to install  a driver in linux
>> that will work, I have the 3c59x.c source file and I need to know if this
>> will work and step by step how to install it, im relitivly new to linux.
> I'll try and help a little.  If you have a recent kernel then I believe
> 3c905 is supported.  If its a 3c905b then you'll need a really new kernel
> (I'm not sure what RedHat 5.2 ships with but I think it works out of the
> box)
yep, it is supported, you'll get the 0.99E version which is included in the
RH5.2 version.

> If the driver for the 3c59x is built as a module on your system then I
> think you can find prebuilt modules on the vortex web page that might just
> be a simple copy and your done.  I don't know about this though.

Partly true ..there are pre-built bins, but not for the most recent kernel
version (2.0.36)
The easiest way is go the the vortex HP on
http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/vortex.htm, download the latest drive
there (i think it's 0.99H atm), and build a module from that source. It's
discribed there how to do that. 

> To work with the 3c59x.c file you downloaded you'll need the rest of the
> linux kernel source code (www.kernel.org or www.linuxhq.com etc etc)  If
> the 3c59x.c file you downloaded is newer than the one in the kernel source
> then simply replace that file and build a new kernel. 
If you installed the system "out of the box" you don't _HAVE_ to make a new
kernel, you can build the module and insmod it (discribed how to do that there
as well). But yes .. if you do wanne build a new kernel you'll have to DL the
source for that one as well, and just read the kernel-howto (installed on your
system even, just start netscape and from the start page go to the howto link),
which discribes how to build a new kernel pretty clear.

> I myself started building my own kernels and I think it's worth the
> effort.  RedHat ships optimized for a 386 I think with tons of modules
> built in.  Building my own let me optimize for a pentium with modules
> where I felt they belonged and network card support built directly in.  It
> at least FEELS like a faster box now. YMMV

yep .. it's even recommended by RH that after install and all seems to be
running smoothly that ya rebuild the kernel and customize it to ya needs (so
you can f*ck things up again :) )

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