[tulip] VLAN Support in kernel 2.6

Andreas John lists at aj.net-lab.net
Sat Sep 11 14:33:58 PDT 2004


Are you aware that there is a patch for using VLAN with tulip driver in 
the 2.4 series, which does not patch cleanly to a 2.6 driver?

The patch is available at:

I can say, that it runs stable, we have a heavy VLAN usage in our 
quadport cards (DFE 570 et al.)

First, is there any reason why that patch didn't make into the kernel 
tree? Basically it just allows frames 4 bytes larger than usual (802.1q 

Secondly could anyone make that patch apply to the 2.6.x? (This is 
beyond the scope of my skills yet :-/)

Beste Regrads,

Andreas John
net-lab GmbH
Luisenstrasse 30b
63067 Offenbach
Tel: +49 69 85700331


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