[tulip] Driver Compile Problem

Gilad Ben-Yossef gby at codefidence.com
Wed Jul 7 22:20:07 PDT 2004

Yan King Yin wrote:
> I'm using Fedora Core 2, kernel version is 2.6.5.
> When I try to Make, cc gives:
> in line 110 of pci-skeleton.c
> #error: Modules should never use kernel-headers system headers,
>         but rather headers from an appropriate kernel-source pakage.
> How can I fix this?
> I also hear a lot of other people reporting tulip driver compile
> errors, it seems the code is not very portable =/

You are blaming the driver for your own incomptence. You need to have 
/usr/src/linux/include point to good kernel headers for the kernel you 
are running (or set some environment variable telling the Makefile where 
to look for it)


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