[tulip] Tulip and PowerPC endian issue?

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Thu Jan 30 16:15:00 2003

On 30 Jan 2003, Jim Rowe wrote:

> >   There is a bug in the kernel's tulip driver that byte-swaps the
> >   station address when used with the Comet chip.
> 	Yes, the tulip driver in kernel 2.4.19 will byte swap the hardware
> address when running on a CardBus interface on the PPC. It may swap
> other data, but for sure it swaps the MAC.
> Note I still haven't had any success pinging or communicating with the
> cardbus interface, however the information that is reported by
> /var/log/messages and ifconfig now looks correct. 
> Has this driver been known to work correctly with a CardBus interface on
> the PPC? I'm working with some custom hardware and it would be helpful
> to know if the driver has been tested on such a setup. 

Hmmm, not a CardBus interface.  There are additional opportunities for
screwing up with CardBus -- usually broken address space configuration.

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