[tulip] tulip drivers and RH8

Rigoberto de la Cruz rigodcx@yahoo.com
Tue Jan 28 10:31:02 2003

I have RH8 running in my laptop. The laptop has a
ethernet/modem combo... I already have the modem up
and running, but I'm having difficulties with the
tulip drivers. I tried to install the individual
driver doing the following (taken from
http://www.scyld.com/network/updates.html) :

    * Copy the driver source files to a convenient
directory. I usually use /usr/src/modules/.

    * Compile both the driver file and pci-scan.c
using the compile-command at the bottom of the source
files. If a compile-command is not there use the
following compile command:
      gcc -DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ -O6 -c driver.c gcc
-DMODULE -D__KERNEL__ -O6 -c pci-scan.c

      With some distributions, especially those based
on the 2.4 kernel, you may need to add the following
options to the compile command
      -I/usr/src/linux/include -include

    * As 'root', test the module by doing
      insmod pci-scan.o insmod driver.o
Up to here, everything is going perfeclty.. I can do
insmod to both drivers, but then the following step is
where I do not know where to copy the drivers.

    * Install the modules in the proper location for
your distribution. This is usually
/lib/modules/kernel-version/net/driver.o. The command
to do this is
install -m 644 pci-scan.o driver.o

Can anyone help me? then my next question would be..
how to configure the device.. shuld I use kudzu (sp?)
or sould I do it manually? any help would be

thanks in advance,


PS. I hope this is the right list... if not, please
let me know...

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