[tulip] Re: Conexant LANfinity doesnt send anything

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Sun Jan 5 21:40:01 2003

On Sat, 4 Jan 2003, Adriano Carvalho wrote:

> Donald Becker wrote :
> >You have an interrupt problem.
> >Interrupts are not causing the interrupt handler to be run.
> >This might be an issue for the kernel mailing list.
> I dont know how to solve it.If anybody can help me, I thanks..
> >The advertised capability is now correct.
> >What does /proc/interrupts report about IRQ11?
> Is it correct ?
> The /proc/interrupts about IRQ 11 is :
> 11:     300432          XT-PIC  Texas Instruments PCI1410 PC card Cardbus 
> Controller, hcf

  shut down the PCMCIA subsystem
     service pcmcia stop
  note the interrupt count for IRQ11  ("300432" in the line above)
  start the network interface
  note the interrupt count for IRQ11

You should get approximately one interrupt for every packet sent or
received.  If you don't, you have a problem with the interrupt routing.

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