[tulip] Aaagh! My tulip driver went all batty on me after kernel compile

Jesse F. Hughes jesseh@cs.kun.nl
Mon Sep 30 20:02:00 2002

Hey ho.

Tonight, I recompiled my kernel, in order to add USB hotplugging
support.  Afterwards, when booting into the new kernel, my AMD Centaur
PCMCIA card fails to load properly.  It is assigned IRQ 0.

*However*, if I boot into my old kernel (and forget the new USB
stuff), then my card loads just fine.

The IRQ for the USB is 11, and the card is usually assigned 9, so it
doesn't appear to be a conflict.

In possibly unrelated news, my ALSA sound modules also don't load with
the new kernel and they did with the old.

Both kernels are 2.2.18 (yes, I should upgrade, but not the day before
vacation).  I didn't make many changes to the kernel -- as far as I
know, but it's possible, I guess, that my .config file did not reflect
the state of the old kernel.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  By the way, this is a Compaq
Presario, and I haven't any option of turning off PnP in the BIOS.  Of
course, that didn't prevent this card from working for many months.
Tonight, I have tried compiling and installing the very latest driver,
and also testing against the driver I installed last March.  Both fail
with the new kernel.

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[their] objective is to make profit, not superlative programs per
se. By the profit criterion, Microsoft has been one of the greatest
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