[tulip] tulip, linksys ethernet card and redhat 7.3

Narayanaswamy, Naga (Naga) nn4@lucent.com
Mon Sep 30 10:03:01 2002


> could anyone please tell me how to set up any ethernet card
> (recommendation please) so that i can connect to my dsl?  has anyone
> connected to DSL using redhat 7.3, tulip, and the linksys etherfast
> 10/100 card?  

I connect to DSL using the same config as yours.
What is the mechanism you use for DSL ? Does your ISP
uses PPPoE? My ISP uses PPPoE and I use following methods.

1. If you are using software, ie connecting ethernet port
on PC directly to ADSL modem, then you need to setup
asdl-setup and configure the scripts. Please check
adsl-start,adsl-stop,adsl-setup command manpages.
(This is the rpppoe roaring penguin pppoe product)

2. If you are connecting the ethernet port to a Cable-DSL
router and then hooking the WAN link to the ADSL modem.
You need to run manually the DHCP client
on the linux box with correct ethernet interface
The command I is "dhcpcd <eth0>". In this case pppoe runs on
dsl router.


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