[tulip] D-Link DFE-660 freezes System

Michael Tuschik M.Tuschik@gmx.de
Mon Sep 30 06:33:01 2002

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> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 25. September 2002 15:45
> Hello,
> i want to use a D-Link DFE-660 cardbus LAN-card in an FSC-Notebook.
> Sometimes the system freezes, when i insert the card. If not, it freezes
> when i want to initialize it with an IP-address.
> I guess it's some sort of resource conflict. But i get no error messages,
> no log entries, no response :( The system hangs and i have to turn it off.

I solved the problem myself. My debian-box configured the "i82365" driver
and not the "yenta_socket" driver, which i should use on 2.4 systems.

It works now.

Michael Tuschik