[tulip] re: Final CLEARANCE Software SALE-NORTON SYSTEMWORKS 2002

codegamer12332w88@yahoo.com codegamer12332w88@yahoo.com
Sun Sep 15 00:03:01 2002

ATTN: A MUST for ALL Computer Users!!!

Norton SystemWorks 2002 Software Suite -Professional Edition-

***NEW-Special Package Deal!***
Includes Six - Yes 6! - Feature-Packed Utilities
ALL For 1 Special LOW Price!

This Software Will:
- Protect your computer from unwanted and hazardous viruses
- Help secure your private & valuable information
- Allow you to transfer files and send e-mails safely
- Backup your ALL your data quick and easily
- Improve your PC's performance w/superior integral diagnostics!

6 Feature-Packed Utilities...1 Great Price!
A $300-Plus Combined Retail Value!

YOURS for Only $29.99! (Includes FREE Shipping TOO!)

Don't fall prey to destructive viruses or hackers!
Protect  your computer and your valuable information!

CLICK HERE to Order Yours NOW!

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