[tulip] Intel CardBus ... incomplete EEPROM

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Sat Sep 14 10:25:00 2002

On 12 Sep 2002, Adrian deLisser wrote:

> I am trying to use a (PCcard) Intel EtherExpress PRO Mobile 10/100
> CardBus network card under linux.
> Having spent some time scouring the archives, it seems that I might need
> to alter the contents of my EEPROM. Could someone provide, or direct me
> to instructions/examples on using tulip-diag to achieve this?

Has this already been done?

> tulip-diag -aem output follows:
> EEPROM 64 words, 6 address bits.
> PCI Subsystem IDs, vendor 8086, device 0001.
> CardBus Information Structure at offset 00000087.
> Ethernet MAC Station Address 00:A0:C9:BB:00:A4.
> EEPROM transceiver/media description table.
> Leaf node at offset 30, default media type 0800 (Autosense).
>  4 transceiver description blocks:
>   Media 10baseT, block type 2, length 6.

This looks like the media table that is written by the tulip-diag

If you haven't already written the table to the card, it's possible that
Intel shipped later versions of the card with a correct media table.
If that is the case, please send the output of 'tulip-diag -eee'.

> You have an Intel CardBus card with an incomplete EEPROM.
> The station address is 00:a0:c9:bb:00:a4
> New EEPROM contents would be:

I print this message unconditionally.  I'll update the 'tulip-diag' to
check if the EEPROM is really incomplete before printing this message.

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