[tulip] Conexant NIC on Compaq Presario 1700

David Lazanja dl256@columbia.edu
Sun Oct 13 13:52:00 2002

I have manually compiled the tulip driver, obtained from
http://www.scyld.com/network/tulip.html (as opposed to compiling with
the kernel). 

I just recently installed the driver (a few days ago).
I have been encountering problems.

My setup is:

I have a hub which connects to laptops at home, a Compaq which uses the
tulip driver, and a Dell which using 3Com.
There is network connectivity, initially.

As I work on the Dell, I try running X client applications from the
Compaq (which has tulip) by rsh'ing into the Compaq and exporting my
DISPLAY variable.

I've noticed a problem when I run the Evolution client on the Compaq
while using the Dell as the X server.  Evolution seems to crash the
network connection on the Compaq (tulip driver).

I've tested with other apps such as mozilla, opera, galeon and they
don't cause this problem.

The problem does not occur when I use my pcmcia NIC instead of the
internal NIC, and therefore I suspect there might be a problem with the
tulip driver???

I suspect that Evolution is sending large amounts of data across the
network, and, since the Compaq loses connectivity, I suspect a memory

Please let me know if you've also had problems??


// Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
// Columbia University