[tulip] Recompiled kernel & Tulip problems

Jesse F. Hughes jesseh@cs.kun.nl
Tue Oct 1 16:08:01 2002

Hey ho.

I'm at a loss here.

After recompiling my kernel to add USB support, my machine fails to
load my PCMCIA network card properly.  tulip-diag reports that an
"ADMtek AL985 Centaur (OEM CardBus)" was found at 0, and was never
assigned a valid IRQ.

A glance at /var/log/messages shows that, when the card successfully
loads, it is called ADMtek Centaur-C (Linksys) rev 17, not ADMtek
AL985 Centaur.  But, I notice that the entry for the card that
tulip-diag reports is the same as the entry for the card in tulip.c
that I see in /var/log/messages.  Namely, 0xab08 0x13d1.

I've recompiled the modules, but still, I get errors when I plug the
card in.  The errors in the messages log are pretty generic --
init_module: Device or resource busy, bind 'tulip' to socket 0 failed:
Operation not permitted.

Now, the card still works with my old kernel just fine.  So, it's
possible that I've misconfigured my new kernel, but I don't know what
to look for.

I would be happy to provide more details, if someone could tell me
what's relevant.

I'm using a 2.2.18 kernel. pci-scan, cb_shim and tulip modules are all
new downloads, cb_enabler has not been recompiled since I don't know
where I got the source for it to begin with.
Jesse Hughes 
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