[tulip] Re: AT-2800TX problems

Gert Doering gert@greenie.muc.de
Thu May 16 03:53:00 2002


On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 12:04:53PM -0400, tulip-request@scyld.com wrote:
> From: "Christopher P. Bills" <billschr@msu.edu>
> Subject: [tulip] AT-2800TX problems
> While searching on google, I came across a discussion about the Allied 
> Telesyn (Telesis) AT2800-TX on this mailing list. As far as I can tell, the 
> discussion ended February 22nd, and no resolution came about. I am having a 
> nearly identical problem with my card, and had a small hope that the 
> problem was resolved.

It was me who was spending some time on the AT2800-TX rev.2

Allied Telesyn Germany was not very helpful (they stopped answering my
questions how the DEC chip is wired to the transceiver chip, and what
has to be done to enable the transceiver).  I haven't had enough time
to further bug them by telephone, though.

Talking to the company that makes the transceiver was very disappointing
(forgot their name, can't check from here, but it's in the archives) - 
"no, you can't get a data sheet, no way, we're not interested, we're 
really sorry, but we are not willing to help you in any way".

>From your domain I guess that you're in the US - so maybe you are more 
lucky in talking to Allied Telesyn (by going to the US department which
seems where the tech developers are).  I would certainly be willing to 
test everything that comes out of it.

Gert Doering
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