[tulip] ANA-6944A/TX and Linux 2.4.16 kernel

Christian Birchinger joker@netswarm.net
Fri May 10 09:45:58 2002

> > Did anyone here build the "tulip.c:v0.93 11/7/2001"-driver into a 2.4
> > kernel it and can provide me information how to do this?
> I did, but it will not help you. It's not the tulip driver's fault.

Sorry i meant the driver from Donald Beckers site. (not the one
from the 2.4 kernel). It's the only one which works and detects the
right HWaddresses. I wanted to link that driver into the kernel.

I was being told that my card works with the de4x5 driver from
the kernel. I've tried that one and it sees all cards and
makes it possible to configure them.
The problem is that it detects the same HWaddresses for
eth1 - eth3 (all the same).
With the pci_reverse patch which David Flynn sent eth3 has
the right HWaddr and eth0-eth2 have the dupplicated ones.
(So it doesn't solve that problem)

Thanks and bye