[tulip] Mandrake 7.2 (Linksys Network Everywhere NIC)

Daniel Davis davis_dr@affiliated.com
Fri Mar 15 17:49:01 2002

I am running Mandrake 7.2, with Network Everywhere PCI.
I have tried to compile Tulip.c (both old driver and the new one), using the
compile command given at the end of the source code. The GCC and CC
compilers report numerous warnings starting with errors or warnings about
incompatible assignments with 'strncpy' from string.h in the prototype
declarations. I can compile simple C programs and the Tulip-diag.c compiled
and runs without errors. My only thought is the source code for 'tulip.c',
'pci-scan.h' and 'kern-compat.h' must not be 'Clean', that is weren't copied
over in Unix '\0' terminated lines. I was using IE6 to download the files.

Using the 'tulip-diag.o' I was able to determine the NIC is working
correctly, but Mandrake 'Fails' to run the NIC on eth0. As I am a newby,
there must be some log file with the failure reason that I should examine.
However, running 'insmod tulip.o' from bash: I receive the error message,
stating it can not find the network card IRQ. I then ran 'insmod pci-scan.o'
followed by 'insmod tulip.o' and the NIC registers.

In order to use my Mandrake Linux, I have appended
echo `insmod pci-scan.o`
echo `insmod tulip.o`
echo `ifconfig eth0 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx`
echo `route add xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx`
echo `route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy`
to rc.local

The above is not the exact entries, the syntax might be off and the PATH not
specified as I am recalling from my memory. This starts up the NIC. I can
`ping` other computers and browse the internet.

Since this works, even though on start up I get eth0 fail to load, is there
a better fix? or should I continue to use this method. If I could compile
'tulip.c' and replace 'tulip.o' with the new driver file would this correct
the problem.