[tulip] Re: DFE 570tx NETDEV transmit timeout error

Jason Lunz lunz@reflexsecurity.com
Thu Jun 27 16:32:01 2002

curtis@athabascau.ca said:
> One card has worked fine. On the other two, only 3 of the NICs work, the
> ones that don't work are eth8 and eth9. This is and example of the error
> I get to /var/log/messages for both eth8 and 9:
> Jun 26 12:26:46 localhost kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth8: transmit timed
> out
> Eth8 didn't work from day one. Eth9 took a little longer to break down.
> I think it may have something to do with the IRQs, but I'm a little over
> my head technically.

I had a similar problem once with a machine that had only 1 570tx card.
One of the card's interfaces would not work, but the other three were
fine. The problem went away when I moved the card to another slot.

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