[tulip] Re: DFE-570TX or DFE-580TX

Jason Lunz lunz@reflexsecurity.com
Tue Jun 25 16:12:01 2002

> fairly stock RH7.2 system.  Google (which led me here) indicates that
> folks had been having trouble with the Tulip based DFE-570TX back in the
> stone age (circa September 2000) and that more recently, people had only
> had mixed success with the DFE-580TX version.  I wasn't however, able to
> find a clear indication of whether either would work well under a modern
> (2.4.17ish) kernel.

The DFE-570TX (tulip based) works beautifully under current 2.4 kernels.
I highly recommend it. You may have trouble finding them, though,
because Intel is rumored to be end-of-lifing the tulip chipset. That
would be consistent with DLink's move to the DFE-580TX. Anyone know if
there's any truth to that?

Anyway, get all the 570's you can. The DFE-580TX, on the other hand,
doesn't look so good. I've heard nothing but complaints about it on
mailing lists. It's based on an entirely different chipset (sundance).
So either a) the sundance chipset is inferior, or b) the linux drivers
for sundance are in an immature state, similar to the old reports you
found about the 4-port tulip cards.

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