[tulip] "System Error occured (0)" messages after kernel upgrade

Jordan Bettis jordanb@hafd.org
Sat Jun 1 14:08:54 2002

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I've been using a self-built tulip driver (from scyld.com) for my AMDtek=20
card for about a year with a 2.2.17 kernel. Recently, I upgraded the
computer to a monolithic 2.4.18 kernel.

The next day, I recieved eight messages to the effect of:

kernel: eth0: (.*) System Error occured (0)

In about five minutes. Since then, I've been recieving bouts of such
messages in increasing frequency since then (they now come around
seven minutes apart and last for a few seconds at the most).

I've noticed a few mentions of this on the web and on usenet, and
there was a person who asked about it on this list in 2000, but
I've not seen any explanations as to what's going on.

Perhaps someone here knows what's wrong?

(By the way, I think 'occured' might be spelt wrong in the error
message, Google thinks it's spelt 'occurred'.)

Thank you,

Jordan Bettis <http://www.hafd.org/~jordanb>
A good programmer is someone who looks both ways before crossing a
one-way street.
         -- Doug Linder

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