[tulip] Re: Using tulip.c with 2.4.18 for a 21143 card

Steinar Bang sb@dod.no
Wed Jul 31 19:26:02 2002

>>>>> Donald Becker <becker@scyld.com>:

> The 2.4 kernels split the tulip driver into multiple files, making
> the update more complicated than direct substitution of the driver
> files.

Yup!  But I still would like to do that if it is somehow possible. 

The reason I'm keeping on about wanting to replace the source in the
kernel, is that I would like to offer the 2.4 kernel package
maintainer of debian, a way to build a kernel with a proper tulip

I've filed a bug report on this problem:

If I'm successful in building a kernel with the updated Tulip driver,
I'll submit the procedure as a new posting to that bug.


- Steinar