[tulip] Osicom 123400-21 40port card

Jason Marshall marshalj@spots.ab.ca
Wed Jul 31 11:25:00 2002

> The problem is that the driver uses the missing EEPROM on ports 1-3 to
> trigger a work-around for a common BIOS bug: the BIOS does not correctly
> record which devices are using which IRQs.

Okay...  I confess that I'm not sure what that really means, but are you
suggesting that putting the reverse-probe fix in place might do the trick?  
I won't wait for an answer, but I will let you know if that doesn't work,
as I'll try it right now, once my partner in crime is finished dicking
with it...

> Have you tested all four ports?  If they all work, you don't have the
> bug.

You caught me.  I've assigned IP's to each port, but haven't even plugged
them into the switch.  My bad *8-)

> That should work.
> Routing is, however, beyond the scope of this list.

Obviously, and I won't be asking any routing questions here -- that, at
least, is something I have a firm grasp of.  Just exlaining that using up
four IRQ's instead of just one is counter to my intentions for this card.

Thanks so much for your help, Donald -- it's amazing to think that there
are still people out there claiming that the support for open-source stuff
is lacking; this level of service would easily cost $10,000/yr from Sun or
HP!  Canadian dollars, but the bigger numbers look more impressive *8-)

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