[tulip] Osicom 123400-21 40port card

Jason Marshall marshalj@spots.ab.ca
Wed Jul 31 09:18:00 2002

> > > Curious: this board appears to have an EEPROM on all ports.  Could you
> > > please confirm with 'tulip-diag -e'?  That would prevent the IRQ
> > > correction code from triggering.
> > omnivore2:/home/marshalj/tulip# ./tulip-diag -e
> ...
> Yes, that's what is happening.

Is there any way this can be accomodated?  Or is IRQ sharing impossible
when you have four EEPROMs on one board?  Not sure why they'd do that --
speed?  Alleged speed increase, at least?

> You don't need to do anything if your BIOS doesn't have the
> PCI-bridge-IRQ bug.  But in this case you seem to have that bug.  Only
> one of the four ports will have a working IRQ.

It does seem that all four of the IRQ's work, though.  Perhaps it's the
multiple EEPROMs (or something) that allows this?  I'm way out of my depth
here now *8-/

But I am curious about what my options are.  I've got at least a few of
these cards, and it would be nice to use them all in the same box (that
was the purpose behind buying them) for a 12- or 16-port router at our
network's border.

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