[tulip] Linksys/Network Everywhere NC100

ringobell@cox.net ringobell@cox.net
Mon Jul 15 22:29:01 2002

I am trying to install Debian "Potato" (stable) onto a system with a Linksys (Network Everywhere) NC100 PCI 10/100 card. I have heard that I need to install the "tulip" module when prompted for drivers during the install process. When I did this, it asked me for command line options, but since I didn't know of any, I left it blank. The next screen told me that the installation was successful. However, later in the Debian install, when I'm supposed to configure my network settings, the card doesn't seem to respond - it gives an error stating that it can't find my DHCP server. Earlier in the install process, Debian asked me if there were any drivers I need to install from floppy; I said no only because I don't have any - is this what I need to do? I've searched the internet, and everything I've found tells me to download the source to this "tulip" driver and compile it myself. I can't do this because 1) I can't download if I can't get the network connection running, and 2) I can't compile it, because I can't finish the installation process without getting a working network connection.
I've also heard suggestions to try the unstable release ("Woody", I think). I hate to "waste" a CD-R disc, but if that'll fix the problem, I'll give it a try.
I'm sorry for sounding "newbie"-ish ... I am trying out Linux for the first time. I've had some experience with other UNIX systems (mainly Sun's Solaris), and plenty of experience with DOS/Windows, but I wanted to give Linux a try. Also, I think this is a good learning experience for me - troubleshooting in a different environment.
Thank you for your time.

Alan D. Eaves