[tulip] Problem with LNE100TX v4 and 2.4.18 and extended downloads

Daniel Givens J A1C 31 CCS/CYBR Daniel.Givens@tinker.af.mil
Fri Jul 5 12:34:01 2002

Hello all,

I have been having some problems recently with my LNE100TX v4. I don't know
if it is the card or just my system or even my cable provider, but I've got
to rule something out. This is on a system with two nics, the lne100tx and a
3com 3c905 Boomerang, and Ali M1531 Chipset motherboard and running v2.4.18

The problem is, the past few days I've been downloading a few cd images and
through almost everyone I've had to reset my external interface on my
firewall which is an lne100tx. After some time of working at high speed
(around 200 to 300 KB/s fast for cable) the connection just craps out and I
have to take the interface down and then bring it back up (via dhcpcd). If I
stop dhcpcd and start it again, the connection is back and everything is a

When I say the connection goes down, I mean I have a very very high rate of
packet loss. Maybe one in every 7 or 8 packets will get through. As soon as
I reset the interface everything works fine again.

The other thing I noticed, when the download is faster (towards 300 and 350
KB/s) the more I have to reset the interface. The slower things are, the
less likely it is I have the problem. Example: The other day I was
downloading from one mirror and had to choose a slower one for sake of
saving me a lot of hassle.

I hope I've more than amply described the problem. Any advise or a work
around would be great.