[tulip] Removing the tulip driver

Narayanan Vydianathan Narayanan Vydianathan <Narayanan.Vydianathan@Sun.COM>
Wed Jan 16 15:53:01 2002


    I had tulip driver installed in my pentium system
    with Red Hat Linux 7.2
    Everything was working fine, yesterday while booting
    the system hung while bringing up eth0. After I rebooted
    the system it is not recognizing the NIC card.
    ifconfig displays only local loop back.
    I use DHCP to through a cable modem to connect to internet.
    Also I tried to check the card therogh "gnome" hardware check.
    It says the card is not initilaized .
    I would like to completely remove the driver and reinstall it.
    Could someone tell me the procedure?
    The NIC card is completely functional as I am able to use it
    from "Windows XP" in the same system. I have a dual boot system.
Narayanan Vydianathan
(W) (510)-574-9189