[tulip] problem with Accton en2242

Joerg Friedrich Joerg.Dieter.Friedrich@uni-konstanz.de
Mon Jan 7 12:07:02 2002

Denis Bertini schrieb am Montag, 07. Januar 2002 um 14:28:58 +0100:
> Hi All,
>  I have a new laptop GERICOM  working with the newest SUSE linux 7.2
> (kernel 2.4.10)
>   The network card is an Accton EN2242 minipci (on -mother board chip)
> doesn't
>   work. Should i need to modify the tulip driver that come with the new
> SUSE distribution
>   ( i looked inside and the last modification from D.Becker is included
> to support
>    this card).
>     Any Hints?

Hi Denis!

Your problem known, I've got the same. I mailed this list also, but
there are no hints for gericom laptops. 

The reason of this problem is that the bios leaves irq-assignments to
the os and there is no bios-setting to change (until gericom provides an
bios-update) But these people say that they only support Windows.

I do not know what to do. As far as I can see it's no problem of the
tulip-driver, but a problem of PCI-Driver, but I do not have the ability
to track down and fix it.


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