[tulip] NIC/IRQ trouble

Jeff and Larissa Jones thejoness3@attbi.com
Fri Feb 15 11:43:01 2002

Reposted from comp.os.linux.networking (several days ago without response)

IBM Aptiva 2158-270
BIOS V72EN2D  v. 3.2  10/05/99
Lynksis Fast Ethernet 10/100 nic (NC100 Version 2.0)
tulip.o driver compiled into kernel out of the box
Windoze 98
Bigslack w/ 2.2.19 kernel (Bigslack is a UMSDOS version of Slackware, Full
distro it just is able to sit on a Fat 16/32 Partition)

I have been trying and trying and trying... to get this card working. This
is the error message I recieve at boot time. (Sorry about retyping in

the PCI BIOS has not enabled the device at 0/120! Updating PCI command
0001--> 0005
tulip.c : vo.91g.ppc 7/16/99 becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov
eth0: ADMtek Centaur-P rev. 17 at 0x5800, EEPROM not present,

Tried fixes:
-Disabled all plug and play in BIOS. Told BIOS OS is not plug and play
compatible.  Tried with and without bus mastering enabled and with and
without IRQ sharing.
-Changed PCI slots and removed modem (I have an external cable modem, thus
the need
for NIC card)
-Tried removing modem and using each of my 3 available slots without success

This is what's in my bios:

                        INTA    INTB    INTC    INTD
PCI Slot 1        11         4            10        5
PCI Slot 2        4           10          5          11
PCI Slot 3        10          05         11         4

IRQ sharing  = no
Plug and Play OS = no
Reset Resource Assignments = no

NIC is in PCI Slot 1 and I manually assigned the same IRQ that windows was
using for it.
I have tried it in all 3 slots without success (all other slots are empty
right now). The slot it is currently in is the only one I where I had to
assign an IRQ manually.

If anyone has been able to get this card working, or has had similar prob's
with same or different card I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in

BTW the card works fine in win98

Jeff Jones

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