[tulip] Re: 2.4.17 tulip multiport-patch

Christian Birchinger joker@netswarm.net
Mon Feb 11 18:49:05 2002


I have exactly the same NIC.
Because of problems with the 0.93 tulip driver i've tried the
one from the 2.4.16 kerneltree with your patch.
It seems to work. No lockup like an unpatched 2.4 tulip driver.
It's running for 30mins now so i can't say it's ultrastable
or production quallity ... but it works.

Now i just have to wait and see if this driver also gives me
tonnes of RX errors (and only 300kb/s) after some time.

On 15-Jan-02, Christoph Dworzak wrote:
> Hi
> After lots of Headscratching, I found this little bug:
> replace line 1642 of tulip_core.c:
>             irq = last_irq;
> with
>             dev->irq = irq = last_irq;
> It's a hack for Multiport-NICs where only the first one
> contains an EEPROM (I have a Adaptec ANA-6944A/TX). It puts
> other ports on the same irq as the first one, but it forgot to
> actually set it in the dev-structure...
> -- cut --