[tulip] need effective procedure for using tulip driver under RedHat 7.2

Patrick G. Sobalvarro pgs@sobalvarro.org
Mon Feb 4 23:01:00 2002

Using what I believe were the newest sources, I could only avoid this
problem in compilation by inserting into CFLAGS a
-include $(LINUX)/include/linux/modversions.h

Then I had a driver that I could install.  The card, a Linksys LNE100TX
Version 2.0, gets through DHCP negotiation on about 20% of reboots, and then
seems to work okay.  But most of the time it doesn't get through DHCP.  On
the other side, dhcp.leases sometimes shows it being granted leases that it
doesn't see, and sometimes it doesn't seem to get that far.

Because I need the machine to be up now, I replaced my LNE100TX Version 2.0
with a D-Link card using the Realtek chip, which works fine.

Donald, if you care about the LNE100TX Version 2.0 and want to look further
into it, I would be happy to send to you for your collection my own
instantiation.  It works very reliably under W2K, has for a couple of years
and still does (I checked when I pulled it).

Best regards,

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On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, Patrick G. Sobalvarro wrote:

> I got the net driver package, compiled and installed under RH 7.2, and
> depmod -ae gives:

Are you using the new source RPM?  (netdrivers-3.1-1.src.rpm)

> pci-scan.o: unresolved symbol pci_write_config_byte
> pci-scan.o: unresolved symbol pci_find_class

This looks like a module version problem.
The usual source of the problem is pointing to the wrong include files.

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