[tulip] Re: FW: Encountering a transmit timeout error when using older or newer tulip driver w/ Charter Cable and Scientific Atlanta cable modem and Linux.

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Sun Dec 8 21:42:00 2002

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Andrew J. Vincens wrote:

> I'm usually able to solve most of my computer woes w/o resorting to writing 
> to a list.  I'm using the same tulip compatible PCI card that works with 
> Win95 and RH Linux 6.1 using ADSL (Roaring Penguin).  I got the original 
> drivers from Scyld.  Now I've changed locations and use Charter Cable which 
> works with Windows systems.  The error I'm getting in /var/log/ messages 
> is:
> PNIC2 transmit timed out, status e4000000 CSR6/7 01000000 /effffbff CSR12 
> 45e1d0c4 resetting.  Needless to say my response time on Linux us below a 
> slow modem's speed.

What driver version are you using?
What is the detection message?

> I've sent an attachment w/ the diagnostics.  I've included the compiles of 
> the drivers because they didn't proceed w/o warnings, also there seems to 

What kernel source code tree are you using?

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