[tulip] Linksys PCM200 V3 instructions for kernel 2.4?

Jason A. Pfeil pfeil@jasonpfeil.com
Sat Aug 17 02:27:55 2002

Hello, list!  I can't seem to find any instructions that are valid for the 
Linksys PCM200 V3 card.  I can provide you with any information that you 
may need to help diagnose the problem.

I saw in the list archives that on 8/2, Mr. Becker reported that the card 
works with the latest tulip.c driver and the latest tulip-diag.c program.  
I get output from the tulip-diag.c program but when I try to compile the 
tulip.c driver, I get two undefined symbols:


Anyone know what module will provide these symbols for the kernel?

Many thanks!


I am running Stock RH7.3 with the stock 2.4.18-3 kernel compiled non-SMP 
for the i686 processor.

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