[tulip] Re: Linksys PCM200 v2 now works with updated driver and diag.

Brett Dikeman brett@cloud9.net
Fri Aug 2 16:21:00 2002

At 4:02 PM -0400 8/2/02, Donald Becker wrote:

>This definitely isn't the first version Linksys put out.  I'm guessing
>that some new guy didn't know to update the CIS entry.

They forgot to remove "linux compatible!" from their product description, too.

I think you should send them a bill :-)

Oh- btw, this card still generates some errors, but in a fun, new, 
exciting, way; doesn't eventually cause the interface to go deaf(fun 
when its the gateway and other members of the household notice within 
30 seconds and declare the internet is "broken"(fun to 'fix' 'the 
internet', simply by walking downstairs and power-cycling the switch 

Also...errors, overruns, and frame count now match:
           RX packets:413923 errors:43 dropped:0 overruns:43 frame:43
           TX packets:427223 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0

...as opposed to the interesting little 5:1 ratio before.

I still haven't gotten around to trying the hub...

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