[tulip] tulip with conexant chip also breaks under load with a presario 1211

Bernard Cafarelli bcafarel@messel.emse.fr
Thu Apr 11 18:02:01 2002

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Well I guess it's the same chipset as in the 1700 (previous post: tulip for presario 1700 with connexant chip breaks under load ). The "Waiting for Tx to finish" is now a dreaded message for me, because I can't use vnc for more than 10 minutes. If I shut down seti@home I get maybe 2 minutes more (the computer is colder), but sometimes the network card is useless (maybe 2 seconds before the Tx message reappears).

Is there a small hope in solving this problem? (I have to make a HEAVY use of VNC those days for work)

Note: tulip-0.92wax driver on a 2.4.17 kernel
							Bernard Cafarelli
							alias Voyageur
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