[tulip] A tulip driver problem with Conexant NIC

BBNS ufrhtsai@ms9.hinet.net
Thu Apr 11 00:36:36 2002

Hi all,
    forgive my bothering.
    I had tried install Debian in my Presario 1700 XL364 ,
    and I meet a problem.
    When I try to load tulip.o, my comupter is freezed.
    Only thing I can do is TURN OFF THE POWER!
    My kernel configuration is followed the standard option.
    The process of making tulip.o and pci-scan.o is success.
    But whenever I copy the two modules into /lib/modules/2.4.18/drivers/net/tulip,  executing depmod, and reboot,
    the tragedy comes.
    The comupter stop when the screen shows "eth0: Conexant LANfinity rev8 at 0xc8860000, 00:50:8B:AA:6D:37, IRQ9".
    It 's really strange because the NIC is recognized.
    Now, all I want to do is gonna sleep.
    I has tried to solve the problem without sleeping for four days.@@"
    I hope the answer will show up in my mailbox when my eyes open again.