[tulip] ng_tulip driver

Keith Anderson keith@jollygreen.com
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 14:55:58 -0700


I own a Netgear FA310TX rev D2 10/100 NIC and am currently having 
trouble getting any linux drivers to recognize the thing. I had it 
installed in a Red Hat (recent, not sure version) system with no 
problems, so I know the card WILL work. However, upon removing the 
card and trying to install it into a Debian (2.2r3 - potato) system 
I've been unable to find ANY driver combination that will make this 
card work - including the ng_tulip.o driver that came with the 
distribution (modified by Netgear!).

Upon module load of ng_tulip.o, I get:

--insmod ng_tulip debug=6--------
tulip.c:v0.89K.1 3/16/99 Originally written by becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov
Driver modified by Netgear for FA310TX
Netgear technical support: support@netgear.matrixx.net
eth0: NETGEAR NGMC169 MAC at 0xfc00, 00 a0 cc d9 67 63, IRQ 10
eth0: Checking for MII transceivers...

When I try to bring up the interface:

--ifup eth0-------
eth0: tulip_open() irq 10.
eth0: NGMC169 PHY status is 201e078, CSR12 0020 media 10baseT.
eth0: Done tulip_open(), CSR0 00004800, CSR5 02261000 CSR6 0122002.
eth0: NGMC169 phy status 0201a078, CSR5 02261000.
eth0: 10baseT link beat failed, CSR12 0030, CSR5 02261000, PHY 201a078.
eth0: Changing NGMC169 configuration to half-duplix, CSR6 01860000.
eth0: interrupt csr5=0x02671004 new csr5=0x02661000.
eth0: interrupt csr5=0x02661000 new csr5=0x02661000.
eth0: exiting interrupt, csr5=0x2661000

It'll then try with 100baseT and do the same thing, looping back and 
forth trying to find a link beat. Thing is, none of my other machines 
on this network have trouble finding link beat (running through 
CenterCOM 10/100 switch).

I've tried a myriad of driver / version combinations to make this 
work - but I wonder about the lack of MII status reporting. According 
to all the mailing list info I've found thus far, the card (usually - 
apparently there are a WHOLE bunch of different cards all under the 
FA310 guise) should respond back with something along the lines of:

eth0: MII transceiver found at MDIO address 1, config 0000 status 782d.

And most of the troubleshooting info I can find for that driver/card 
have to do with the MII status and configuration. If it's not finding 
MII, then is my card just dead? Could I have been banging my head 
away at a coincidental problem? Jeez...

Here's the system breakdown:
debian 2.2r3 - FRESH from CD (kernel 2.2.19pre17)
Pentium 100 - 64MB
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