[tulip] 2 KNE111TX cards don't work well together

john wa jonni@gmx.co.uk
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 21:40:52 +0200 (MEST)

i've had some problems when using two identical cards together. i think
maybe my problems may be my lack of skillz so any suggestions would be great.

i had these two cards in an old p200 machine, working as a external cable
link and my internal network. when i moved these to a new motherboard to work
off a pii400 my problems started. i moved the hdd too and changed nothing, not
even the (monolithic) kernel. on booting, my eth0 couldn't sort out the dhcp
request. it tried but failed. eth1 came up as intended and my switch
reckoned it was at 100baseTFD.
i tried many things to get the DHCP working but failed. i could bring up the
interface if i specified an IP address - there only seemed to be a problem
with the DHCP stuff - which is done with PUMP, dhcp-client failed too :(

then i pulled out one of the cards and replaced it with an SMC card which
uses the 8139too driver. on first boot, eth0 (still a kne111 card) successfully
got a DHCP lease and my SMC card came up on the internal network. again, i
changed absolutely nothing on the hdd or any other settings. dhcp-client now
works too.

the cable modem on eth0 runs at 10baseT half duplex. i'm using a 2.4.6



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