[tulip] AutoNegotiation problems with D-Link DFE-500TX and D-Link DFE-570TX

Ben Greear greearb@candelatech.com
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 08:14:42 -0700

> Frank Mikkelsen wrote:
> Hello!

One problem I noticed over the weekend is that the 2.4.13-pre5 driver seems
to have issues with it's advertising bits:  It only wants to advertise 10bt-FD,
even though the NIC is able to do 100bt-FD.  I was testing with a ZXYNX 4-port...

Has anyone else noticed this?  It only seemed to get into this state
after I messed with the auto-negotiate v/s fixed, and the advert bits....


> I seem to have problems with the tulip driver and autonegotiation on D-Link DFE-500TX and D-Link DFE-570TX network interface cards.
> Problem description:
> When the system is brought up, traffic will not flow through the network interfaces even though the interfaces are correctly detected and configured.
> If I force the network interfaces to renegotiate speed and duplex, network traffic starts to flow as supposed to.
> If I bring down/up the interfaces (ifdown/ifup) while traffic flows through the interfaces, the interfaces works and traffic continues flow after being brought up/down.
> If I bring down the interfaces and removes the driver from the kernel (ifdown, rmmod tulip), then brings the interface back up again (ifup), traffic will not once again flow
> through the interface. If I then again force renegotiation it starts to work.
> System setup:
> Mandrake 8.0 with separately compiled kernel version 2.4.12
> tulip module built from the development sources version 1.1.8
> How do I solve this?
> I know that I can alter the startup scripts to force renegotiation, but that is not a pretty solution.
> Is this a bug in the tulip driver? Any way to get around it?
> When I check the MII registers on the interfaces it shows no differense before or after renegotiation, I have also tried different network hubs and switches, but it is the same
> problem.
> Best regards
> Frank Mikkelsen

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