[tulip] is the Linksys PCMPC100 supported by Linux kernel 2.4?

Su Zhang zs@cs.wisc.edu
Sat, 13 Oct 2001 21:48:14 -0500 (CDT)

 I have tried several days just trying to install a PC card on my laptop,
but it still doesn't work. it is a PCMPC100(etherfast 10/100 pc card), and
I installed Redhat7.1 on my laptop which has 2.4.2 version kernal. 
 first I tried to use pcnet_cs.o as the driver, but it said that it can
not recognize the chipset. so I download the tulip.c to compile the driver
by myself, but with the command line given at the end of .c, I can not
 the error comes from modversion.h, it said it can not use kerne header
file. and actually in the .c file, there is some #define, such as
pci-scan.h, k_cmpat.h, I can not find them in the source tree.
 do you have any idea? thanks a lot, I am in a hurry doing a project, but
I can not set the environment up. I just feel too terrible in working like
 thanks, thanks...