[tulip] strange media type problem

GIANT Network Productions gnp@jollygreen.com
Tue, 2 Oct 2001 14:49:30 -0700

>I try to migrate from SuSE to Debian and can't get the
>Lite-On NIC run. I had no problems with the old distribution.
>I think the wrong media type is selected but I have no idea


>loading the module with option 3, 11 or 13 to force 100BaseTx
>has no effect. I can't even get a arp packet trough.
>I use 0.91g-ppc in both cases.
>Does anybody has me a hint please.

Just had a similar problem with a similar card when moving to debian. 
The driver that comes with the debian distro is quite out of date - 
version 0.92w fixed it for me without a hitch.

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