[tulip] Conexant LANfinity no longer works with tulip driver?

Baruch Shpirer bsr@mercury.co.il
Wed Nov 28 10:23:00 2001

Iam using the same card with the tulip driver and the network disapears from
time to time aspecially while using ftp/nfs/automount services (client wise)
Anyone seen any of this features ?

I have the latest updated+stable kernel for redhat 7.1 (12)
I have Conexant NIC & WinModem on my Compaq presario 1700XL370

Basiclly it works other then this network blackout and when this happen I
restart the network only and it comes to live

Would appriciate any help

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On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Marinho Barcellos wrote:

> Now the pci-scan and tulip modules are insmod'ed
> successfully. However, even though ifconfig eth0
> shows the interface is up, when I do /sbin/ifup eth0, it says
> Cannot send dump request: Connection refused

Hmmm, "connection refused" likely means that the network connection is
working properly.  The other end just responded with "no" instead of what
you wanted to hear.

> Error adding address for eth0.
> bind: Cannot assign requested address

This looks like a routing problem, not a device driver problem.

> So, it can receive packets if I do a tcpdump -i eth0

Good.  What about the Tx count?  Note the errata: the Conexant chip
incorrectly reports carrier errors when set to full duplex mode.  The chip
sends the packet properly, it just always reports a lost carrier.

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