[tulip] Conexant LANfinity no longer works with tulip driver?

Marinho Barcellos marinho@exatas.unisinos.br
Tue Nov 27 15:06:01 2001

Donald Becker wrote:

> > the tulip driver, as from May 2001, does not work with
> > Conexant LANfinity NICs anymore.
> The divergent Tulip driver distributed with the 2.4 kernels never really
> supported the Conexant chip.  There was a release where it did recognize
> the chip, and attempted support based on my code, but it never really
> worked.
> The comment above is accurate: Conexant really doesn't this chip to work
> under Linux.  I've gone to great effort to get information from Compaq
> and Conexant, with no results.

> > I have a Notebook Presario 1700XL476, with such board,
> > and GNU/Linux Mandrake 8.1 updated to kernel 2.4.14.
> > I have tried eveything possible to get this tulip driver to work.
> Well, the Conexant chip works with the Scyld distribution, with the
> errata previously noted on this list.  I usually give my presentations
> from a Presario 1700xl365, including using using the on-board Ethernet .
can I assume you're using 2.4?

> It does work -- you obviously haven't tried everything possible...

all right, no matter how much one does, it's always far from
'everything' when you have access to the source code (and specs...)

far less, I hand't managed to compile properly the tulip.c 
(along with pci-scan.c) because of two additional arguments required
when compiling for the 2.4 kernel. 

Now the pci-scan and tulip modules are insmod'ed 
successfully. However, even though ifconfig eth0
shows the interface is up, when I do /sbin/ifup eth0, it says
Cannot send dump request: Connection refused
Cannot send dump request: Connection refused
Cannot send dump request: Connection refused
Error adding address for eth0.
bind: Cannot assign requested address

So, it can receive packets if I do a tcpdump -i eth0
but it keeps saying the network is unreachable when I try
a ping or anything else, despite apparently well configured. 
any hints?

Thanks, Marinho.
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